Complex Management & Maintenance Services

In addition to our Property Management Services that are available for individual villas and/or apartments, our company Bayram Property Management and Maintenance Services also carries out Complex Management, Maintenance Services. These maintenance services are performed under specific contractual service agreements for various sizes of complexes as detailed by our clients. We also execute similar exclusive maintenance programmes for smaller private properties.

complex management

Over previous years, the management and staff of Bayram Property Management and Maintenance Services have gained vital experience from working on various Sitesis and are fully competent to supply competitively priced quality work in all aspects of site maintenance.

How Does the Complex Management System Work?
After the prospective customer/client offer their particular ‘Maintenance Service Agreement Tender Document’, we (the Company) will mutually arrange a suitable time to carry out the requisite site inspection
On conclusion of the arranged site inspection we will then correlate and submit the completed ‘Maintenance Service Agreement Tender Document’ to the client for competitive bid consideration

Below are basic minimum necessities required to ensure that a safe, secure and efficient site/complex management operation is fulfilled
Greater in-depth and detailed proposals are included within all our submission contract documentations

Typical Seasons
Summer Season start (negotiable) 1st April through 31st October (7 months)

  • Caretaker and maintenance personnel present on site daily including all festivals and local holidays

Winter Season start (negotiable) 1st November through 31st March (5 months

  • Daily site caretaker attendance and checks daily (excluding festivals and local holidays), maintenance personal available at owners requests

Site Security

  • Undertaken by authorised, licensed and trained staff (full and part time as required)
  • Provided 24-hours per day 365 days per year
  • Regular random checks undertaken by Bayram Property Management & Maintenance Services management to ensure appropriate standards are upheld
  • Emergency contact availability 24 hours per day
  • Provision of Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) signs strategically placed within the Sitesi/complex

Swimming Pools & Garden Maintenances
Swimming Pools
First and foremost - employment of certificated and accredited pool maintenance personnel thus ensuring adherence to all Health Safety & Environment (HSE) legislation

  • Swimming pools to be made available on designated date/dates including servicing of pumps, filters,  acid wash, re-grouting pool tiles and surrounding tiles as required
  • Make necessary mechanical and/or electrical equipment repairs to associated equipment as per the original manufacturers specifications

Summer Season

  • Supply of necessary chemicals, testing equipment and consumables associated with the upkeep of water standards as required by law
  • Chemical testing and upkeep of water quality to legislative stipulations
  • Daily cleaning (vacuum)
  • Checking, cleaning and maintenance of sand, cartridge filters and pumping equipment

Winter Season

  • Drain pools to recommended levels and apply winter chemicals
  • Upkeep recommended levels and chemical dosages

Garden Maintenance
‘Ensure that garden area, foliage, shrubs and surrounding landscaping is upheld and cared for to the highest possible standards at all times’
To make certain that the objectives are achieved the following tasks and needs are requisite:
Summer Season

  • Communal grounds, properties, private gardens maintained in accordance with associated tender contract 
  • Provide all necessary garden tools and equipment
  • Water all garden areas early mornings and sunsets
  • Keep paths and lawns free of weeds
  • Maintain all growing plants and flowers
  • Cut and trim all lawn areas
  • Trim and prune all growing plants and bushes
  • Maintain present growing levels by replacing, providing and planting new plants and shrubs

Winter Season

  • Communal grounds, properties, private gardens maintained on an ‘as needed basis’ and in accordance with associated tender document
  • Replace any dead or damaged plants and shrubbery and replant during planting season
  • Prune back height of bushes and trees to winter height
  • Keep grass trimmed and clear all mosses and chickweeds on a regular basis and as required
  • Remove from Sitesi and dispose of all garden waste

General Maintenance

  • Support and administration within the residents committee and provide representation on behalf of the owners
  • Assist in organizing the ‘Management Plan’ and advise accordingly
  • Provide annual budget plans and expense reports
  • Maintain regular contact with owners and provide general advice and support
  • Continued maintenance of communal areas ensuring everything is kept neat and tidy
  • Represent the complex in any matters on behalf of the owners
  • Provide owner and site assistance with service utility difficulties

Bayram Property Management and Maintenance Services consider all Complexes and properties that fall under their jurisdiction as ‘special’, they strive to ensure that their particular Sitesi or home is the best kept residence in Fethiye and Calis and are proud of the work that they carry out on behalf of the individual owners

Bayram Property Management and Maintenance Services motto being ‘This is our Profession’ guarantees that high standards are adhered to - whether the task be large or small

Bayram Yilmaz (owner)