A typical winter monthly property check that includes (but is not limited to the following activities and inspections) shall be carried as drafted below:
Property Inspection Report

Dear Property Owner
On [date] we inspected your property
Please find the following report:
Winter Monthly Property Checks
the following areas are checked and noted during our property inspections:

  • Security (windows and doors) – Check for signs of forced entry or vandalism.
  • Water Penetration (roof) – Check interior for leaks
  • Plumbing – Check interior for signs of leaks
  • External Damage – Check for damage resulting from bad weather.
  • Damp – Check for signs of damp
  • Fixtures and fittings – Check for damage to curtains, pictures, furniture.
  • Fences and Walls - Check for damage
  • Paintwork – Check for internal and external damage
  • Rubbish – Check for litter, garbage, waste
  • Smoke detectors & Fire Extinguishers – Test and check


Bayram Yilmaz
(On behalf of Bayram Property Services)

If any abnormalities are found during the inspections associated photographs will accompany the report

Should the owner subsequently request actions to be taken, Bayram Management Services will provide a relevant quotation and carry out necessary repairs should they be directed to do so

On completion of any works carried out further photographic evidence will be provided to the owner.